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I have been fortunate enough to have always had a job that closed for the week between Christmas and New Year. I take that as a sign to get out and explore. No excuses! So the opportunity has brought me back to Utah, home of "The Big Five". Unfortunately, I was only able to visit two of these five, Zion and Bryce Canyon. I love Zion, making it one of my favorite national parks to hike through and it never disappoints. I haven't explored Bryce as much, nor have I really hiked it. I believe Utah is very under-appreciated and most people don't even know that the Big Five exist here. Definitely worth it.

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Before I started my one-week getaway on Oahu, I anticipated hiking every day, one of the numerous amazing hiking trails found all around the island. Little did I realize that my body would not agree with my scheduling. I started out strong, doing two hikes in a day. Sunrise and sunset right? This particular hike pictured above is the Olomana "Three Peaks" trail. See the hiker at the top of the peak? AMAZING to say the least. Adventurous. Tough. Sketchy. A few other words to describe this hike along the ridge between three peaks. Some parts of the hike were basically rock climbing, using existing ropes to help yourself stay on the side of the mountain. It's not a technical climb. But sure, if you were to lose your grip, you're guaranteed to be seriously hurt. There are some places where you can even fall off the side of the mountain. But if you're careful, you'll be okay. Amazing views for sure. Great photos and a great leg workout are bonuses.

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I am grateful for my 40 years of health and happiness. I am thankful that, although late in my life, I have found my calling for the outdoor world of hiking, camping, backpacking and exploring; all with a camera in hand. To celebrate, I booked a solo camping trip to the famous national park of Banff in Alberta, Canada. I'd like to think that I have gone to a good number of national parks in my life, but Banff NP may have taken the top prize. Vibrant blue glacial rivers and lakes flanked by countless alpine trees, surrounded by tall rugged snow and glacial capped mountains. No matter which way you look, simply beautiful. Traveling solo, especially camping, can get a little lonely, but at the same time promotes meeting new people. A couple from Italy, a girl from Russia, guys from Kuwait, Toronto, Japan and three hitchhikers, all made for great stories and adventures to share.

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