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My mission is to positively impact nature by emphasizing her amazing beauty through my camera, artistic vision and passion for the great outdoors. All while trying to leave no trace.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles and have been a city dweller my entire life. I didn't develop any real interest in nature until I became an adult and met friends who thrived on being outdoors. That is when I blended my passion for photography with camping and hiking and the adventures began.

I formally studied Photography first at Mt. San Antonio College and then at Cal State University, Fullerton. Although I do not have a degree in Photography, my passion for it has grown along with my love for nature. Interestingly, I began as a photographer who occasionally hiked and camped but somewhere along the way, I developed a stronger draw to the outdoors than to the camera and have become almost obsessed with helping preserve nature. I have this internal conflict of wanting to share her beauty with the world, yet wishing to keep it a secret, to protect her from those who are careless. Let's not cause nature any unnecessary harm.

I believe composition is one of the main elements to creating a great image. My job is to layout and compose the scene and help focus the viewer's attention to only the necessities, leading them through the image using color, lines, shadows, and highlights. Not only is it my goal to show you the beauty of nature as it is, but also to show you the beauty of nature as I see it.

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