Hiking Above Paradise

Before I started my one-week getaway on Oahu, I anticipated hiking every day, one of the numerous amazing hiking trails found all around the island. Little did I realize that my body would not agree with my scheduling. I started out strong, doing two hikes in a day. Sunrise and sunset right? This particular hike pictured above is the Olomana "Three Peaks" trail. See the hiker at the top of the peak? AMAZING to say the least. Adventurous. Tough. Sketchy. A few other words to describe this hike along the ridge between three peaks. Some parts of the hike were basically rock climbing, using existing ropes to help yourself stay on the side of the mountain. It's not a technical climb. But sure, if you were to lose your grip, you're guaranteed to be seriously hurt. There are some places where you can even fall off the side of the mountain. But if you're careful, you'll be okay. Amazing views for sure. Great photos and a great leg workout are bonuses.

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