Banff. Beautiful.

I am grateful for my 40 years of health and happiness. I am thankful that, although late in my life, I have found my calling for the outdoor world of hiking, camping, backpacking and exploring; all with a camera in hand. To celebrate, I booked a solo camping trip to the famous national park of Banff in Alberta, Canada. I'd like to think that I have gone to a good number of national parks in my life, but Banff NP may have taken the top prize. Vibrant blue glacial rivers and lakes flanked by countless alpine trees, surrounded by tall rugged snow and glacial capped mountains. No matter which way you look, simply beautiful. Traveling solo, especially camping, can get a little lonely, but at the same time promotes meeting new people. A couple from Italy, a girl from Russia, guys from Kuwait, Toronto, Japan and three hitchhikers, all made for great stories and adventures to share.

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