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The words I try to live by. Read more thoughts and ideas related to photography, camping and nature conservation. You can also find occasional news and art show schedules.

We are already at the beginning of March! I have been slacking in updating this blog as well as getting outdoors much. I was at least able to camp out in Yosemite in February.

A perfect setup of nature's landscape and timing of the sun causes a phenomenon. The sun perfectly sets between two peaks of the Cathedral Rocks East (I think), casting a shadow on the face of El Capitan but allowing the sun to shine only on Horsetail Fall. This causes Horsetail Fall to glow like hot lava and transform into Firefall.

I've heard about it a while ago and though pretty neat, I never had any major interest in it. But being there and witnessing it, I'll have to admit that it was an amazing experience.

It has been far too long since my last check-in here. Life has caught up to me and I'm having adventure withdrawals. I was able to close out the year with an annual road trip with my family, this time to the Sequoia National Park. It's one of my favorites because of how easy it is to get there and of course, the beauty and how amazing and majestic the Sequoia trees are. There are plenty of hikes to enjoy, especially with white snow to contrast with the warm colors of the trees. We know that the Sequoias are huge, but until we actually come up to one, and touch one, we truly do not know.

2016 sure did throw us a curveball and set up 2017 to be a very interesting year. But like all of the future, we will have to just wait and see what unfolds. I am happy to say that I have applied to more shows this year, mainly in Utah. I hope everything aligns and I have a chance to show my new work. Until then, let's make the best of it. We already know it's a let's swing accordingly and hit a home run.

When my hiker-camper-explorer-photographer buddy moved away to the state of Colorado, little did I know that beyond the sadness would be the excitement of an opportunity to explore a new territory. A BEAUTIFUL territory! I had the privilege and honor of having her take me on an exploring adventure in the color-changing season of Fall. We all know Autumn is a time of beautiful yellows, oranges and reds but if you haven't seen Colorado during this time, you may NOT know! I was blown away by the OMG beauty. Unbelievable. I was also impressed with how the planners of the community/state have made enjoying the outdoors a priority. It is so evident by the number of parks, lakes, trails scattered all within the cities and towns. Plus, dedicated bike paths along rivers and through the many canyons that hide insane views around every curve. Colorado, you may have just taken the top spot on my Places I'd Love to Live.

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