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When my hiker-camper-explorer-photographer buddy moved away to the state of Colorado, little did I know that beyond the sadness would be the excitement of an opportunity to explore a new territory. A BEAUTIFUL territory! I had the privilege and honor of having her take me on an exploring adventure in the color-changing season of Fall. We all know Autumn is a time of beautiful yellows, oranges and reds but if you haven't seen Colorado during this time, you may NOT know! I was blown away by the OMG beauty. Unbelievable. I was also impressed with how the planners of the community/state have made enjoying the outdoors a priority. It is so evident by the number of parks, lakes, trails scattered all within the cities and towns. Plus, dedicated bike paths along rivers and through the many canyons that hide insane views around every curve. Colorado, you may have just taken the top spot on my Places I'd Love to Live.

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