Memorable Memorial Day Backpacking

Memorable to say the least. We didn't do too much research on our backpacking trip into a part of the Grand Canyon. We did know that water would be limited, even though we were hiking towards a river. The water, high in mineral content would be undrinkable. So that led us to carry our 3-day water supply with us (2 liters = 5 pounds), taking our pack weight close to 50 pounds. NOT a good idea when you're hiking down 400 ft. within the first mile. Ultimately our estimates for water were not generous enough and a few of us ran the risk of dehydration on our second day. Luckily we camped near some potholes that held pools of rainwater, which we filtered to replenish our supply (Sawyer Squeeze filters are awesome!). In the end, even though our plans were derailed, we are all safe and had a memorable experience with stories to share.

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