Labor (Day) of Love Weekend

Decided very last minute for Labor Day weekend to commit to a LONG 10 hr drive up to the Bonneville Salt Flats, west of Salt Lake City, Utah. That's a tough drive to do in one stretch so I added a pit stop in Kanarraville to do a hike that I've been wanting to do for a very long time. Met some really nice people regulating the parking lot, half of which happens to be on their property. Pay the $10 and help the locals out. Not sure if it was because of the holiday weekend but this hike was super busy with too many people for my liking. I'd rather brave the cold winter and hike through ice-cold water than to deal with the crowds. I will definitely be back, but on an off day or season.

The second leg of the trip was to the salt flats. I didn't know what to expect really...except for salt of course. I did do the drive to the raceway but felt it was pointless. The better views, especially of the textures in the salt, were from the westbound rest stop on the southern end of the flats. I stayed the night nearby and came back early morning before sunrise. NO ONE around. Pitch black dark. The salt flats are so barren that my headlights had nothing to reflect off of. Pick out my spot, set up, and then wait for some daylight as the sun gets closer and closer to the horizon.

Note: If you decide to check out any of these nature spots, take ALL your trash with you. Just because you finished your bottle of water and don't want to carry it the rest of your hike doesn't mean you can just leave it behind. Nothing pisses me off more than that type of ignorance...except maybe carving your stupid name in a tree or a rock.

Still processing photos from this trip. I expect to post them on my website soon. Thanks for your patience and support.

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