Death Valley Do Us Part

The Mesquite sand dunes are the third sand dunes that I have visited and by far the easiest to get to. I highly doubt anyone who visits Death Valley will not stop by these dunes which are right off the main highway. They're so easily accessible that the dunes are littered with footprints. From the sidelines, you'll find yourself thinking that the dunes are "smaller" than you expected. But that thought quickly dissolves after climbing a couple of mounds. The lines, patterns and shadows are an impressive sight, especially in the morning light. If you find a steep and high enough peak, try kicking some sand down the side. This causes a small avalanche and gives off a unique sound. Pretty interesting. Even in November, temps here were in the low 80s during the day. But once the sun sets behind the mountains, it gets chilly, really quick into the 30-40s. Death Valley isn't my favorite NP to visit, but its diverse landscapes are interesting enough to keep me occupied for a few days.

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