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The words I try to live by. Read more thoughts and ideas related to photography, camping and nature conservation. You can also find occasional news and art show schedules.

Thank you to Logan, Utah for not only hosting a great summerfest art fair, but also for being such a beautiful, picturesque town full of friendly people. These art fairs are always a positive experience, meeting lots of people and sharing our common interests of photography, nature and the great outdoors. Having great weather and amazing booth neighbors definitely make it more enjoyable. Couldn't have asked for better neighbors than Jen and Mary (The Book Artisan) and Denise and her parents (Sterling Echoes).Logan is a small town nestled in a valley between two mountain ranges about an hour and a half northeast of Salt Lake City. The view is amazing as you drive through the rolling hills and come down into the valley. Hope to see you again next year Logan!

I will be making a trek up to Logan, Utah next week (6/16-18) to show some of my photography at the Logan Summerfest Arts Faire. Logan is about an hour and a half north of Salt Lake City. If by chance you're in the area, stop by and check it out. I'm excited because this will be my first time having metal prints available. They are so hot of the press that I have yet to see the finished product myself. But from the reaction of my colleague, I'd say they'll blow you away. There's only one way to find out...come to Logan!

No matter how many times I venture out into the Eastern Sierras, I'm never disappointed. It never gets old. The scenery is breathtaking. Unbelievable that it exists in California. Did you know that a glacier exists here? Or that the highest mountain in the lower 48, Mt. Whitney is here? The variety of the landscape with its recognizable Granite rock, Aspen and pine trees, thousands of lakes and miles and miles of trails, makes this place an explorers dream. Well, wake up! It's real! And it exists in our own backyard. But as a reminder, if you have the privilege of experiencing the Sierras, or any other natural wonder for that matter, take care of it. Pick up your trash and don't carve your dumb ass name in anything!

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