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Back to the Sequoias for February. It was my second time to the park, with both times being in the winter. There is something about hiking among these massive trees in the wintertime. Surrounded by a blanket of snow, calm air and no one around, you can't help but feel isolated, insignificant and humbled by these giants. The Sequoia tree is by far my favorite of all trees. They are the largest single living thing on the planet, yet, start from a seed inside a golf ball size pine cone. Many of these trees are over a thousand years old. No matter how seasoned we think we are...we are not even contenders on their playing field. Much respect to these trees as well as the rest of the outdoors. Keep nature, natural.

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The first adventure for 2015 was to the pristine alpine waters of Lake Tahoe. This trip was more of an R&R for the new year because the end of last year was a blur. December especially was amazing. I felt alive. So many new influences in my life. Special people who push me outside my comfort zone, yet with a real sense of comfort and safety. Adventures that test my courage and spirit. I gained an amazing personal connection. I gained a new sense of happiness. I gained a new thirst for adventure. And I chose to leave self-doubt and fear behind. I hope to never find them again.

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One of my resolutions for this year is to stay on top of the list of things I need to do. To get things done, sooner rather than later. Taking these trips every month is definitely a blessing. But it also gives me less time to sift through the hundreds of images from each trip and process my top choices. Check out the gallery for several new images.

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