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It's been 13 years since I last stepped foot on the Land of the Rising Sun. Japan has always been a reunion of sorts for me. Meet and greet with all my friends and distant relatives. So when I started to travel specifically for photography, I didn't really think of going back. There were so many other photogenic places on the list. But this last trip awoke my desire to take a photographic journey throughout the whole country. A two-month backpacking trip from top to bottom during the "kouyou" changing of the colors Fall season would be amazing.

#japan #miyajima

Love the Eastern Sierras. Actually, I love the whole Sierras. There are so many areas and different terrains to be explored and countless pristine lakes to relax in. This was my fourth time here and I have yet to venture further than this point. It's a tough 5-mile inclined hike just to this spot but I would love to backpack further and leisurely stay several nights to see how the view changes with the magical glow of sunset and sunrise. My dad is somewhere to the left of here, taking a nap in the cool shade of a tree. My goal this time was to swim in the lake. I managed to fulfill this with a numbing, 30-second dip. The water is so cold, even after a long sweaty hike, your brain says NO!

#easternsierras #california #nature #glacier #mtwhitney #templecrag #bigpinelakes

A clear sunny day to take a long leisurely stroll across the Golden Gate Bridge. I've never noticed this building under the bridge, but then again, its completely out of sight to drivers. It's the Lime Point Lighthouse and was built in the 1830s. Not sure if it's still being used but looks really cool and mysterious. It would've been nice to camp and hike in Muir Woods which is not too far north from here.

#california #goldengatebridge #sanfrancisco